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    We have been hard at work over the past several months reworking our product literature.  
    Our goal is to assist you in making quality decisions to help you be successful as a merchandiser.  
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  • New! Sanitation Dolly

    Keeping a clean Dairy Cooler is vital for all store owners, however cleaning an entire door can often leave unsightly gaps in your cooler displays. Maintain your full cooler display by utilizing a sanitation dolly. Having an extra dolly on hand to slide into gaps in your cooler display allows you to maintain products in stock while allowing your employees to clean and restock the empty dolly during downtime.

    Key Benefits
    • Clean Dolly, fully stocked in reserve
    • Eliminates empty doors while cleaning
    • Staff can clean and restock empty dolly during down time
    • Less time spent away from the cash register
    • NSF Standards II Certified

  • New! RollerMat Shelf Extender Kits

    Designed for the customer who wants to get more out of their flat wire shelving, B-O-F Corporation is introducing the new VersaRoll Shelf Extender Kit.  The design allows customers to extend their existing 27" deep flat wire shelves and retrofit with a 36" deep VersaRoll mat.  Now you can experience all the benefits of RollerMat while adding 30% more packout per shelf!           

    Key Benefits

    • Superior product merchandising with added flexibility for product resets
    • Installs right on top of existing shelves

    • Increases your product capacity with additional depth

    • Adjusts quickly without tools

    • Take advantage of the best merchandising technology available

  • Announcing a New, Flexible Solution: VersaRoll

    For those seeking the ultimate in merchandising versatility and control, B-O-F now offers VersaRoll gravity flow shelving.  Allowing a broader product assortment in both new installation and retrofit environments, VersaRoll serves single beverage, beer and dairy applications.

    Demand More Out of Your Display
    VersaRoll transforms the retailer's display and bottom line.  The snap-in dividers adjust easily in 1/8" increments, providing a more dynamic product mix, instant resets, significant labor savings and higher profits.  VersaRoll and its roller mechanism has field tested superior in durability and arrives fully configured for added convenience.

    B-O-F VersaRoll Shelving Benefits
    • Provides labor savings of $.02 per 20-ounce bottle via one-touch merchandising vs. flat shelving
    • Provides ROI in less than one year (assumes retailer sells at least one shelf of product per week)
    • Gravity flow ensures that products are in stock, leading to higher sales volume
    • Custom product stoppers; dividers offered in varying heights
    • Retrofit application fits on most brands of shelving
  • New! Plexi End Stop with Enhanced Features

    We're listening to your valuable comments and have given our Plexi end stop a makeover.  The new product fits on most types of B-O-F shelving, including the Milk Moover.  We trust you'll agree that it's a winner.  

    Plexi End Stop Benefits
    • Improved performance: thick Plexi material provides a longer service life and is less prone to cracking and breaking.  
    • Improved aesthetics: clear acrylic material resists scratching and yellowing
    • Improved cleaning: easy removal permits easy maintenance
    • Improved readability: price tags are now displayed at an eye-catching angle
    • Improved change outs: requires replacement of only one part
  • B-O-F Introduces the Yogurt Moover

    Extending the success of The Milk Moover - the patented gravity flow shelving solution for milk - B-O-F is proud to introduce the Yogurt Moover to retailers nationwide.  The Yogurt Moover boosts ROI in the yogurt section by reducing labor costs for stocking and clean up and delivering more flabors and brands.  

    More Pack-Out Means Fewer Out-of-Stocks and Higher Sales
    The nation is hungry for yogurt, but traditionally, yogurt has been a challenge to display, not anymore.  With Yogurt Moover, retailers can easily and automatically deliver perfect FIFO rotation - minimizing product spoilage - and increase pack-out by up to 33% to reduce out-of-stocks by as much as 50%.

    Benefits of B-O-F Yogurt Moover Shelving 
    • BOF Yogurt shelving reduces facing and stacking time by 93% vs. flat shelving
    • BOF Yogurt shelving reduces stocking time by 66% vs. flat shelving
    • Overall labor savings is approximately $.05 per cup with BOF Yogurt shelving vs. Flat shelving
    • The annual savings from selling 100,000 yogurt cups per year would total $5,000 per year, assuming a labor wage of $10/hour
    • Fits into existing cooler space, no need to expand cooler or reduce milk inventory.