B-O-F Embraces Environmentally-Friendly Business Practices

As a company, B-O-F strives to be a good steward of the earth's natural resources.

  • B-O-F strives to meet or exceed all applicable environmental laws and regulations and continually improve our operations and their effect on the environment. Management establishes objectives and monitors implementation for effectiveness.

    We consistently strive to conserve other resources as well. To learn more about the materials that B-O-F recycles and our energy conservation practices for each, see below.
  • Looking for LEED®?

    B-O-F's gravity flow shelving systems can qualify for LEED® points for locations within 500 miles of our Chicago manufacturing facility (LEED points Materials & Resources 5.1). Additionally, all B-O-F steel shelving is recyclable. Please contact B-O-F if you have shelving that is ready for the recycling process.
  • Lighting and Energy

    In 2009, B-O-F installed new energy efficient warehouse lighting at a cost of more than $23,000, effectively diverting over 103,635 kilowatts from the energy grid and reducing our electricity consumption by 74%.
  • Paper

    All cardboard and office paper is recycled from our western Chicago location. In 2010, we recycled 11.96 tons of paper waste.
  • Plastic

    B-O-F uses recycled plastic materials for the majority of the plastic parts we manufacture. Any plastic waste is collected and reground again for future use. Because it requires less energy to fashion plastic than steel, B-O-F also recently began making drip trays from recycled plastics instead of galvanized steel. By using recycled plastic instead of virgin plastic, we reduce our energy consumption by 80%. Plastic regrind is readily available and is competitively priced. B-O-F customers benefit not only from the environmental benefits, but from the cost savings as well.
  • Coatings

    B-O-F offers the option to electrocoat shelving units. Not only does e-coat prevent rust and help maintain a 20+ year service life, but it achieves a level of efficiency and environmental compliance unlike any other finishing method. The environmental advantages include no or low VOC and HAP emissions, heavy-metal free products and minimum waste discharge. Ninety-five percent (95%) or more of the paint components (resin, pigment and other additives) will be applied and cured on the product due to the recycling of paint through ultrafiltration.
  • Steel

    The steel used in B-O-F shelving is made from a steel manufacturing process that includes 60-75% recycled steel. The use of recycled steel conserves raw materials and energy. The re-melting of steel requires 74% less energy than the production of virgin steel from raw materials. Using recycled steel also lessens the burden on landfill and waste facilities as well as prevents the deposit of discarded steel products in the environment. Steel scrap is readily available and is competitively priced. B-O-F customers benefit not only from the environmental benefits, but from the cost savings as well.
  • Recycle Your Old B-O-F

    In no cases should discarded B-O-F shelving end up in landfills. Please give us a call 800.323.2517 and find out how your retired shelving can be efficiently recycled.

    LEED® is a registered trademark of the U.S. Green Building Council.