The Power of Gravity. The Innovations of B-O-F.

As a retailer, you strive to sell more, reduce costs and increase profits.

  • B-O-F can help with shelving solutions that deliver just that. For over sixty years, B-O-F has worked closely with retailers to develop innovative merchandising solutions to boost ROI in the cooler sections where dairy, beverage, and other products are sold.

    It's why 85% of leading national grocery chains depend on B-O-F to deliver important products into their customers' hands. Now, drug stores, convenience stores, big box retailers, and liquor stores are also discovering the magic numbers delivered by B-O-F gravity flow shelving.
  • Working with B-O-F is Easy

    We work closely with you to develop a Plan-O-Gram for your needs. Then, with a highly trained customer service team and skilled craftsmen in our U.S. based factories, we deliver the shelving solution that is right for your space when you need it, ready to work delivering ROI within a year or less.

    The results? Stock faster. Restock less. Neater, more professional-looking displays. Easier clean up.

    B-O-F's patented, customized shelving solutions harness the power of gravity to deliver not just shelving, but the means to sell more cold beverages, dairy products, and single serve items in retail settings with fewer labor costs, boosting profits for retailers who choose B-O-F.

    We've compared our gravity flow shelving systems to our competition and we've learned there's no substitute for B-O-F. There's no substitute for quality craftsmanship. There's no substitute for the strongest, or lightest, most reliable raw materials for your situation and product mix. And there's no substitute for working closely with you to solve your specific retail concerns.
  • And We Can Prove It

    Give us a call at 800.323.2517 and find out how we are Closer to the Customer.