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Gravity Essential for Positive Experience

  • Shoppers may not notice shelves, but they notice brands, which is why leading grocers depend on B-O-F gravity shelving for dairy and beer, two of their most profitable departments. B-O-F shelving increases profits, pack-out, facings and energy savings while saving labor costs due to easy one touch loading from the rear. Don't settle for traditional flat shelving when it's crucial to have product in-stock, presented attractively and closer to the customer.
  • Dairy

    Messy spills and spoiled product are a customer turn off. Maximize profitability with the power of gravity. The Milk Moover® facilitates loading, hides inevitable spills and makes clean up easy. Solutions for yogurt and cultured Class II dairy products are also available!

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    Beer & Wine

    Is your staff spending too much time stocking beer in the cooler? B-O-F gravity flow shelving systems increase pack-out up to 300%, which leads to increased profits and reduced labor costs.

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    To discover how the nation's leading grocery stores use B-O-F gravity flow shelving to increase sales, reduce labor costs and enhance the customer experience, call us at 800.323.2517.

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