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Drive Sales UP with B-O-F

Gravity Flow Shelving Loads More in Less Time

  • Drug stores must stock a vast assortment of beverage products in order to please the wide-ranging needs of customers. An attractive, orderly display allows shoppers to easily locate their product(s) of choice. Gravity flow shelving from B-O-F drastically reduces stocking and clean up efforts, especially during high volume sales. Out-of-stocks are minimized, while sales and profits are greatly enhanced. Be closer to the customer with shelving from B-O-F.
  • Dairy

    B-O-F gravity flow shelving improves dairy sales by allowing a wider assortment of milk and cultured Class II dairy products, and clean up is a snap.

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    Beer & Wine

    Customers who can't find a favorite brand often walk away. Recapture those sales with B-O-F gravity flow shelving, which stocks up to 300% more cold beer product than flat shelving systems.

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    Single Serve

    Shoppers demand choices. Meeting that demand can be hard, but not with B-O-F. Our shelving makes it easier for drug stores to attractively display more product variety while lowering stocking labor costs up to 33%.

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