C-Store Sales Climb, Labor Costs Drop

Gravity Gets You Back Behind the Register

  • Itís hard to maintain your profits when youíre busy maintaining inventory. Time spent away from the register inconveniences customers and can result in lost revenue. Keeping clerks behind the register and a variety of products stocked in the cooler can be a challenge. B-O-F gravity flow shelving maximizes product mix and facings, increases pack-out, decreases stocking time up to 33% and delivers it all right to the customer.
  • Beer & Wine

    If customers can't find their brand, youíll lose the sale. B-O-F gravity flow shelving systems place up to 300% more product at customer's fingertips in significantly less time than it takes to load flat shelves.

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    Single Serve

    Displaying a wide assortment of specialty sizes and flavors is easy with B-O-F gravity flow shelving. Maximize your profits while staying on top of fickle consumer tastes.

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    Messy spills and spoiled product lead to unhappy customers. The Milk Moover® drastically reduces stocking time, hides those spills and makes clean up a snap. Solutions for yogurt and other high margin dairy products are also available.

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