Is Your Dairy Aisle Leaking Revenue?

Transform Your Dairy Department's Bottom Line with Milk Moover

  • Our most effective milk merchandising system available is the Milk Moover. This product is constructed with heavy duty wire shelves coated with nylon and designed specificially with minimal surface area to prevent milk build caused by leakage.
  • Gravity Flow Shelving Offers Key Benefits

    B-O-F shelving makes stocking and maintaining your dairy department more profitable:
    1. Gravity flow keeps product in saleable position and condition
    2. Minimizes product "fall offs", damage and spoilage
    3. Spill management system minimizes clean up time
    4. Adds up to 15% more facings for easier brand identification
    5. Certified to NSF/ANSI Standard 2

  • Click to Review Assumptions and Dairy Statistics

    Our Calculations Assume the Following

    • Average store gallon milk sales = $403,475
    • Average retail price per gallon milk = $3.82
    • Industry standard gross profit in dairy section = 30%
    • If average store sells 7% more dairy, sales would increase by $28,243.25

    More B-O-F Dairy Facts

    • Because B-O-F shelving is deeper and taller than other shelving systems, it allows more front facing stock, which reduces out-of-stocks and increases sales by typically 7%.
    • Further bottom line savings are realized from reduced labor because B-O-F shelving takes less time to load. A typical store saves $1,900/year on labor.
    • Gravity flow shelving helps shoppers “shop” rather “search” for their products, resulting in fewer door openings and lower energy costs. Customers leave doors open 9.3 seconds less, which translates to greater energy efficiency (assumes 9-door cooler with dimensions of 22.3' w x 8' d x 9' h).
    • Eliminating "Cannon Bossie" racks saves .02�-.04� per gallon of milk translating to a savings of $6,000-$12,000 per store per year.

    Industry Dairy Statistics

    • Dairy accounts for 19% of store profit in just 3% of store space (Source: Willard Bishop Total Store SuperStudy© 2009).
    • Dairy generates superior returns on space: 2.6 times higher than produce and 6.2 times higher than grocery (Source: Willard Bishop Total Store SuperStudy© 2009).
    • Dairy yields nearly $16 annually in profits for every $1 invested in inventory (Source: Willard Total Store SuperStudy© 2009).
    • Dairy is introducing new product with higher margins at a faster rate than other food categories. The number of new dairy products has increased at a compound average growth rate of 10.5% since 2004 compared to 6.2% for produce and 1.5% for food and beverage (Source: GNPT Mintel International Group 2004-2008).
    • For yogurt, 16% of shoppers encounter out-of-stocks with current competitor shelving systems (Source: Dannon)