Boost Beer Sales with Nyla-Track II®

Shelving Capacity is Key to Lower Labor Costs

The most important need in beer shelving is depth, with Nyla-Track II® we can offer up to 10' of depth. This allows you to maintain a sufficient amount of product on stock as well as reduce the amount of times you are required to restock your shelves.

  • Gravity Flow Shelving Offers Key Benefits

    B-O-F shelving makes stocking and maintaining your beer coolers more profitable:
    1. Gravity flow keeps product in saleable position and condition
    2. "One touch" loading and easy cleaning minimize labor costs
    3. Increased pack-out of 300% yields higher profits, minimizes out-of-stocks
    4. Superior presentation enhances the customer experience

    See Nyla-Track II in Action

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  • Click to Review Assumptions and Beer Statistics

    Our Calculations Assume the Following

    • Average store beer sales = $9,500 per month ($114,00 annually)
    • National minimum wage = $7.50 per hour
    • Store features 6 doors of beer
    • Shelving = 4' deep
    • B-O-F shelving systems save 45 minutes/week or 39 hours ($292.50) per year per door of stocking time, because they hold more product and are easier to load.
    • Front facing cold beer (no out-of-stocks) increases sales by 3% or $3,420 per year.

    Industry Beer Statistics

    • Given a choice, shoppers prefer to buy cold beer (Source: Anheuser-Busch, 2008).
    • Beer is an important category at retail and is more widely purchased than any other type of alcoholic beverage (Source: Anheuser-Busch, 2008).
    • Grocery is the most common beer channel choice (46%), followed by liquor stores (22%), c-stores (14%), “other” (8%), mass merchandisers (5%), drug stores (2%) and club stores (3%) (Source: Anheuser-Busch, 2008).
    • The c-store channel, however, is important volumetrically, driven by store count and purchase frequency (Source: Anheuser-Busch, 2008).
    • Beer ranks #2 in product category sales and is the highest selling item in the cooler among c-stores that sell beer (Source: NACS, 2005).
    • C-store beer shoppers are critical to driving traffic and building transaction size, as beer shoppers spend more per trip than the average c-store shopper (Source: Here’s to Beer).

    Twenty-two (22%) percent of beer shoppers will not substitute if their product is unavailable. Being in-stock (especially on the weekends) is critically important to reduce out-of-stocks and maintain customer satisfaction. (Source: A-B Out of Stock Study)